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What is Nuestra Roca

The goal of Nuestra Roca is to reach youth with the freedom that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The base is going to be an indoor rock climbing gym with a skate park. We will reach others through events held at the gym as well as in the surrounding neighborhoods and local skate parks and at nearby climbing spots. The staff at Nuestra Roca will evangelize to groups as well as one to one, especially during time spent climbing or skating.

What does Nuestra Roca Mean?

If you translate Nuestra Roca from Spanish it means Our Rock. We are building on the foundation that is Jesus Christ.

Why should you donate to Nuestra Roca? - Because we need a Base of Operation

Nuestra Roca reaches youth that you most likely aren’t going to talk to if you use “traditional” outreach methods like door to door evangelism. The personality types that are drawn to more extreme sports like rock climbing are not going to walk into a church and ask for answers to their questions. Nuestra Roca is having positive results reaching these kids, but it takes time and effort. Having a Rock Gym will provide a base of operations from which we can better organize our outreach efforts as well as provide a place that will attract people and give us another tool in our arsenal to reach lost souls.

What you get when you donate to Nuestra Roca?

- You can be a part of changing lives forever.

- You can feel confident that 100% of what you give will go to Nuestra Roca. There are no hidden “administrative fees or handling charges ” that some other organizations deduct from your contributions.

- Your gift is tax deductible in the USA & in Canada(check only)