About Us

Nuestra Roca was founded by John Unruh. He had the vision of using a sport that he is passionate about as a means for evangelism. Climbing is a growing sport in Mexico and is can be used to attract people to a place where they can be reached with the gospel. When a person is climbing it is imperative that they trust the person they are climbing with as their partner often quite literally holds their life in their hands. Reaching this level of trust opens many opportunities to talk about spiritual things. John built a small climbing wall that is used for training in the carport of his house in Pachuca, Mexico. It has proved that this is an effective form for ministry and has afforded opening to share about Jesus to his neighbors. Building a Climbing Gym will provide many more opportunities such as these and provide a non threatening location to hold Bible studies and other outreach events.

John is married to Ali and has two boys Asher and Alexander. He studied Civil Engineering and International Business and is now serving full time as a missionary with Evangelical Mission Ministries. He has been climbing since 2005 and teaching climbing classes since 2011. John enjoys hiking, backpacking, as well as other outdoor activities and riding motorcycles.

Nuestra Roca as a ministry is under the umbrella of Evangelical Mission Ministries which has donated a lot on which the climbing gym is being built. There is also participation in this ministry by Bible Seminary students that are studding at CETyM in Pachuca, Mexico.